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cleveland. >> frances cleveland was a celebrity first later unlike any before her.and the mass production of her image to sell a bride of goods by the consumer industry angered her and her husband, president grover cleveland. to help us understand the sensation sweeping the country, we begin our story inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. for the first and only time in our countries history. watching frances cleveland into instant celebrity.>> this is the modern white house. it is the same basic layout as it would have been on june 2. when president grover cleveland and his bride to be came down what was then about large staircase to the family quarters at the west end of this corridor. they would have proceeded on the hallway, the music started up at the east side behind us here, where the united states marine band was assembled. the famous john philip sousa played the wedding march as the happy couple can down the hallway.-- came down the hallway. they would have passed through these doors, these very same mahogany doors.they would have come into the room, a different chandelier here, they w
cleveland. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] ♪ >> frances cleveland was a celebrity lady unlike anyone before her. to help us understand the frances cleveland sensation sweeping the country, we begin our story inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue as a curious nation awaited the details of a 49-year-old bachelor president marrying his 21-year-old bride inside the white house for the first and only time in our launchinghistory, frances cleveland into instant celebrity. >> president grover cleveland --e down >> when president grover cleveland and his bride to be came down what was then about large staircase to the family quarters at the west end of this corridor. they would have proceeded on the hallway, the music started up at the east side behind us here, where the united states marine band was assembled. the famous john philip sousa played the wedding march as the happy couple can down the hallway. they would have passed through these doors, these very same mahogany doors. come and the room, a different chande
. cleveland?! hey, fellas. holy crap! who knew we'd run into you here? except everyone, if fox ruined it in the promos. what a surprise this is. hey, you know, cleveland, you better hide the markers from your kids. somebody colored in your jesus. somebody colored in your ass with too much ass, fat-ass. all right, cleveland, let's get down to business. who told you the joke? a bellhop at the royale hotel in washington, dc. i met him when i took cleveland jr. there to see the lincoln memorial. but then daddy got frustrated 'cause he couldn't find it, so we just ate fast food in the parking lot. i'm just saying, maybe put up a damn sign. anyway, the bellhop's name is sal russo. he knows every dirty joke ever written. then that's the guy we got to talk to. everyone, don't get too used to being around black people, 'cause we are going to washington, dc. now, wait a minute, peter. donna's been nice enough to invite us to stay the weekend, and frankly, that sounds better than continuing this wild-goose chase. well, lois, if you and bonnie want to stay here, maybe cleveland could join us. oka
three months since amanda berry pushed her way through the front door of that home in cleveland. >> i've been kidnapped. and i've been missing for ten years. and i'm here, i'm free now! >> and this was their prison. this was the home on seymour avenue. showing what it was like for these young women and a little girl inside this home. where amanda berry, where gina dejesus and michelle knight spent nearly a decade kidnapped, locked up in the upstairs bedroom using 99 feet of chain. they were tortured, starved, raped. and this gun, this gun you see here, used to intimidate these women and keep them living in fear day in and day out. just moments ago at ariel astro's sentencing hearing, we all watched as one of these victims, michelle knight, who was impregnated by castro multiple times and beaten and starved until she miscarried, she had the strength to come face to face with her captor for the very first time since her escape. here is her response in its entirety. >> my name is michelle knight. and i would like to tell you what this has been like for me. i missed my son every day. wond
was a rematch between benjamin harrison and grover cleveland. the first lady, mrs. harrison, just died before the election. how did that effect the election? >> he was never terribly interested in campaigning. it does put a little bit of an impact. it impacted him negatively. he had no gusto. harrison suffered major defeats during his presidency. the economy was going into a tank. there was not anything that he could do about it. the republican party was splintering. his secretary of state resigned right before the end of the presidency. he wanted to see if he could get one last bite at the nomination apple. the democrats are finding a better recipe to call lasts. in the 1892 election, it was the backdrop. the crumbling economy and the crumbling republican party. >> in 1892, frances's prediction comes true. there was economic uncertainty in the country. president cleveland returned to office. soon after was one of the most interesting presidential stories. he is the only president to serve two nonconsecutive terms. he gets to numbers in the lineup. soon after, they discovered a spot in his mo
morning. i'm richard lui. cleveland kidnapper ariel castro is expected to speak today at his sentencing hearing. as part of a plea deal, he'll be spared the death penalty. but prosecutors say the man called a monster will spend the rest of his life behind bars. nbc's jay gray is live outside the courthouse in cleveland. jay, good morning to you. what do we expect to happen today? >> reporter: good morning, richard. it should be a long, emotional day in the courtroom here today as you talk about ariel castro agreeing to a plea deal that avoids the death penalty but includes a minimum sentence of life plus 1,000 years behind bars. look, these are horrific crimes. the prosecutors have said that all look and now they plan to speak in detail about these crimes really for the first time in court here today. we already know ariel castro's future. >> this man is going to prison for the rest of his life. >> reporter: today, we'll learn more about his horrific past. in just hours, prosecutors will present evidence and expert testimony they say outlines nearly a decade of abuse by a man they call
, that was amanda berry who was abducted by ariel castro back in 2003. today in a cleveland courtroom castro will be sentenced to life in prison for his crime. supposedly castro was prepared to apologize to his three victims and we are told we may see the other side of ariel castro. also expected to speak in court, michelle knight. another one of the woman castro held captive. knight who was castro's punching bag is standing strong. she wrote a thank you note to cleveland police, you don't know how much i appreciate all your time and work collecting cards and gifts from people for me and the other girls. i overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts, love and prayers expressed by complete strangers. it is comforting. life is tough, i'm tougher. just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly. thanks, god bless you. oh, from michelle knight to the cleveland police department. with me now for some analysis, page pate a criminal defense attorney and in columbus, ohio, douglas berman a law professor at ohio state university. welcome to all of you. as we wait for the senten
. this is about chiefland -- cleveland which was the cradle of the housing crisis that ended up sinking the entire american economy in 2008. i have to go back a little bit because i didn't explain about barack obama. i'm sorry about that. he was hired in chicago to work -- i'll go back here. in the suburb of call you met city, two towns south t of the east side, desperate steel workers turned for help to their priest. father leo mann was so distressed by their plight that he organized a conference which won a $100,000 grant. in 1985 the conference was looking for a black organizer to serve its inner city chapter. the group took out an advertisement in a magazine called community jobs. the ad was read by a 23-year-old columbia university graduate at the new york public library. thus, the shutdown of wisconsin steel brought barack obama to chicago where he began his rise to the presidency of the united states. obama counseled steel workers still in denial about the disappearance of their industry. blue collar aristocrats, they planned to ride out their layoffs. in the past they'd always gone on stri
. >> in ohio, the man who held three women captive for a decade in cleveland will learn his fate from a judge, with sentencing for ariel castro in minutes. >> thanks for joining us. >> it is looking different this morning. >> the extra sunshine from yesterday spilled over the clearness overnight with clouds just now coming back. why think they will hang around along. it is dry this morning. no drizzle. no mist. our day planner around the bay, clouds are gathering and temperatures are holding in the low-to-mid 50's. we will be in the low to mid-60's by noon and cleaner air today with blue in the sky rather than the haze and 70. low-to-mid 60's in the evening. next it will hours inland, temperatures are 56 but there are areas in the north bay in the 40's with temperature around 70 at noon and we will be below average and near 80 in the afternoon and low-to-mid 50's with the better chance of seeing cloud cover today than yesterday at the coast. the morning commute, is it cloudy? sunny? >> partly cloudy. good morning, everyone, we are looking at your drive in the north bay where it is clear out t
, cleveland police office. >> thank you be special agent. >> judge, may i ask real quickly. >> certainly. >> do you mind? >> yes. >> you have until 11:30. >> thank you. >> agent burke, you were directed by mr. thomas through a letter that was found which was allegedly written by mr. castro on april 4th of 2004. do you recall that? >> i do. >> you're familiar with that document. you've read it, i'm sure several times, is that correct? >> i have read it several times, yes. >> and you would agree with me then based on your familiarity with the document that despite the circumstances, he did explain in that letter to whoever was eventually going to read it as to how these abductions occurred and he expressed remorse for his conduct, is that correct? >> i believe in the letter wrote something to the effect that he was sorry for his conduct. >> and i think that part of this too was he was unsure but certainly believed that he expressed in this letter he was sick and mentally ill and other than that he had no explanation for why he could possibly do something like this. would you agree he wrote
pictures of a courtroom in cleveland, ohio, and i would like to welcome our viewers across the united states and also around the world. this is the sentencing hearing for ariel castro. you can see him right there in the orange sitting at the defense table and about 25 feet away from mr. castro right now, not in this frame, but in that room, and we have seen her is michelle knight, one of the women who survived the captivity, nearly ten years in that house that was a prison. it was a torture chamber. 99 feet of chains he used over the years to restrain these women. he rigged alarms on doors to make sure they couldn't escape. he put helmets on them and just after they captured -- he captured them. michelle knight is in that room. we expect what's called an impact statement from her coming up in just a little bit. what an impact she has made already simply by walking into that room with her head held high and this is the first time she has laid eyes on ariel castro in american since she was freed along with gina dejesus and amanda berry. i am joined by jeffrey toobin. this is an amazing
convicted of imprisoning, raping and beating three women for a decade in his cleveland home. we are awaiting witness testimony, including from michelle -- the victim, michele knight, who entered the courtroom just moments ago. joining us now from cleveland is nbc's kate snow. kate, could you give us the latest on what we've been hearing this morning? >> reporter: yeah. it's been really startling testimony coming from a number of different witnesses called by prosecutors. they wanted to lay out what happened to these women when they were in the home of ariel castro. that included a lot of graphic testimony, a lot of disturbing details about how they were held in captivity. photos in the last couple of hours, we saw photos of the house where they were held. now we have just seen in the courtroom michele knight, one of the victims. we're told she will speak for herself. in addition, there will be a cousin representing gina dejesus and the sister of amanda berry, beth sorano, expected to speak. >> we'll go back to the courtroom for the sentencing hearing of ariel castro. >> one victim, michele k
th, metro hospital. >> and this photo. >> may 7th, cleveland fbi office. >> thank you, special agent burke. >> judge, just real quickly? >> certainly. be mindful of the time, please. >> yes. thank you. >> you have until 11:30. >> agent burke, you were directed by mr. thomas to a letter that was found, which was allegedly written by mr. castro on april 4, 2004. do you recall that? >> i do. >> and you're familiar with that document. you read it, i'm sure, several times, is that correct? >> i have read it several times, yes. >> and you would agree with me then based on your familiarity of the document that despite the circumstances and the origin as he did explain in that letter to whoever was eventually going to read it as to how these abductions occurred and he did express remorse for his conduct, is that correct? >> i believe in the letter he wrote something to the effect that he was sorry for his conduct. >> and i think that you -- part of this was he was unsure, but certainly believed and expressed in this letter he was sick, mentally ill. and other than that, he had no explanation
at the courthouse in cleveland, ohio. what are we expecting expectingt today, garrett? >> reporter: we're expecting for the prosecution to put on what they're calling a mini-trial. putting on display the mounts of evidence they have collected over the last three months since ariel castro was arrested and those three women escaped from his home on seem more avenue. that evidence includes 48 pages of discovery and 76 disk of photos. they have much more evidence they will put out there to show exactly what these women went through. you can see there in the courtroom the model of ariel castro's home. the prosecution will be showing where the women were kept and where these various abuses that they underwent took place there in that home. and we're also expecting to hear some sort of a statement from ariel castro. we're told that could be lengthy. the judge has said they will limit today's sentencing hearing to five hours. we're hoping and expecting to hear from at least one or all three of the women. that could be live in the courtroom, via statement or through some type of a video they prepared as wel
inside the cleveland courtroom that will deliver his sentence for the decade-long kidnapping and abuse of three women. we're going to go live to the courthouse in just a few minutes. meantime, edward snowden is on the move. the intelligence leaker is no longer stuck inside an airport. he now has russian refugee status for one year. we'll find out what that means. with the latest from moscow. back at hopme, detroit's mayor said no thanks to a second term. top contenders are hoping that a runoff after tuesday's primary will get them on their way to city hall. >> good morning from don berwick for governor headquarters. now, here's chuck todd. >> thank you to the massachusetts gubernatorial cabinet don berwick and his campaign volunteers. keep it coming, folks. republican, democrat alike. go to rundown.msnbc.com, find out how. ariel castro will be sentenced today. he's already pleaded guilty to more than 900 charges in the kidnapping and systemic abuse of three women over the course of a decade. at times, however, it may feel more like a criminal trial. both sides do plan to present eviden
morning, cleveland kidnapper aerial castro is expected to speak today at his sentencing hearing. as part of the plea deal he'll be spared the death penalty. prosecutors say the man they call a monster will spend the rest of his days behind bars. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. aerial castro has agreed to that plea deal that includes a minimum sentence, life in prison and 1,000 years. for a crime they will detail for the first time in court today. we already know aerial castro's future. >> this man is going to prison for the rest of his life. >> reporter: today we'll learn about his horrific past. in hours prosecutors will present expert testimony that outlines decade of abuse for a man they call a monster. castro has pleaded guilty to kidnapping amanda berry, gina dejesus. and rape, assault and murder. >> my addiction to pornography and sexual problem has taken a toll on my mind. >> reporter: castro will have the opportunity to say even more during today's hearing. . thank you for the support. >> reporter: so will his victims. so it's not clear if they will testify. since
:37. final justice for the victims of the cleveland kidnapper as castro learns how long he will be behind bars. >> what bug-sniffing dogs found at the local goodwill warehouses. why they will be back out today. here is america's money report. >> relief for american college students. a bill to lower interest rates and student loans headed to the president's desk after passing the house last night. rates doubled in july but now they will burr at 3.9 percent. july was great for stops with the dow and the s&p 500 the best in since john and the good times continue after the federal reserve promised to keep pumping money into the economy. lululemon accused of shunning plus-size shoppers is reported that one store large sizes were kept in the back and rarely restocked. the company did not comment on the story. how without like your grapes to take like...cotton candy? "los angeles times" says it is the latest designer fruit created for the flavor like honey crisp apples were create createed. it will hit the high end >> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >
and investigators found early on once they entered that home. this hearing continues in cleveland. we're going to drop this and let you listen to this as we get more evidence from castro as our colleagues from "happening now" take over from husband. >> did mr. castro use -- [inaudible] to run an internal barter economy, if you will, with his victims? >> on occasion. >> would he, after sexually abusing them, throw money at them saying, here, you're being paid for the sex, in essence? >> there were reports of that. >> and would he then in turn if they wanted something special from the store demand payment of them from those monies for the items requested? >> occasionally as well. >> now, before you is who? or whom, i should say. >> michele knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus. >> and this is the now well known commercial production of their thank you statement -- [inaudible] correct? >> yes. >> is that how they appeared to you that day? those initial days? >> no. >> what was different? >> as i mentioned, the witnesses have made dramatic recoveries, i believe, physically and psychol
. >>> it was an emotional day inside of a cleveland courtroom as ariel castro was formally sentenced. he's admitted to raping, aggravated murder and more. however, today, he said the sex was consensual. jay gray joins us from that courthouse in cleveland. castro spoke at length and seemed to be deflecting the blame here. >> reporter: yeah, it was a rambling, at times delusional diatribe from castro. part of what was an emotional and often disturbing day in the courtroom. the prosecution detailing the horror that these women had to endure for so long. ariel castro offering some type of explanation. while one of his victims said today she may some day forgive but she'll never forget. wiping away tears, michelle knight, for the first time since her escape, shared the same room with the man who held her captives and terrorized her for more than a decade. >> i will live on. you will die a little every day. as you think about the 11 years. >> reporter: daily, physical, mental and emotional abuse, outlined by prosecutors who showed the inside of what they call ariel castro's house of horrors, where the th
in southern california. the fire started in cleveland national forest and grew quickly, as temperatures neared 100 degrees. residents in the town of lake elsinore were forced to leave as ash rained down on their homes and entire neighborhoods were enveloped in smoke. a dc-10 was called in to drop fire retardant. but there is good news. some residents have now been able to go back home as crews are making progress. >>> more news breaking overnight. air travelers could face delays this morning after a global ticketing system crash. the sabre system is used by hundreds of airlines at more than 100 airports around the world. among the u.s. airlines affected are jetblue, american and alaska air. sabre says its system is slowly being returned to service. >>> breaking news in the middle east. two suspected al qaeda members have been arrested at the airport in cairo, egypt. authorities say the men arrived from istanbul, with i.d.s and fake currency. >>> there's more breaking news out of the middle east. all nonemergency u.s. personnel has been ordered to evacuate yemen. the state department issued the
. the cleveland home where ariel castro held and tortured three young women for nearly ten years has been destroyed. the victims in the city continue to try to move forward. jay gray is live in cleveland. one of the victims was actually there today. >> reporter: terry, the house was reduced to a pile of rubble just less than two hours is all it took contractors to tear it down. as they now continue with the healing, the recovery process that is going to take quite some time here. as these walls that has kept such a horrific secret for so long crumbled to the ground church bells rang out and yellow balloons floated to the sky, symbols of courage and strength defined by the three women who survived unthinkable abuse for almost ten years inside. >> it was important to be here today because nobody was there for me when i was missing. i want the people out there to know including the mothers that they can have strength and hope and their child will come back. >> reporter: as the backhoe took the first swipe at the house gina de jesus aunt was in the cab. >> the house went down and now the comm
unas 300 propiedades que se inundan con frecuencia. >>> la llamada "casa del horror" en cleveland donde ariel castro tuvo prisionera a tres mujeres por mÁs de diez aÑos la echaron abajo. vemos las imagenes y reacciones. >>> asÍ comenzÓ la destruccion de esta casa de horror desde temprano en medio de estrictas medida de seguridad, como testigos pre esenciales curioso y familiares de gina de jesus, el objetivo que no quede huella del cautiverio y los abusos que sufrieron las mujeres. >>> la encargada de manipular el primer movimiento de la mÁquina fue la tÍa de gina de jesus, la joven de origen puertorriqueÑo, al igual que su verdugo. >>> contenta porque la casa no va a estar ahÍ. >>> castro renuncio a la propiedad como parte del acuerdo con los fiscales. un banco obtuvo el tÍtulo de la propiedad, testigos de la demoliciÓn no perdieron detalle de lo que pasaba ahÍ. >>> pude ver el baÑo portÁtil que tenÍan en el cuarto, un espejo, las cadenas donde estaban amarradas, a lo largo para abajo. >>> michelle knight la Única de las vÍctimas que estuvo presente, repartiÓ globos am
. cleveland. arrived on flight 980 from guatemala city. (deakins) a medical student. yeah, she was in guatemala for a month on a tourist visa. the last time her parents heard from her was the day she was coming home. guatemala's a major trans-shipment point for columbian heroin. she might not have been the only mule on that plane. well, there probably would have been a chaperone keeping an eye on them. someone they used before. check the flight manifest. see who's been racking up some frequent flier miles. (yolanda) no, i didn't see her on the plane. (barek) well, you were sitting in the last row, mrs. salvo. if anybody got up and went to the bathroom, you would have seen them. no. no, sorry. so, um... it's just you two alone, huh? yes, he's my nephew oscar. you, stay right where you are. don't make a move. [shouting in spanish] all right, out! out, come on! [speaking spanish] go, go, go. [speaking spanish] the thing about balloons is, they don't flush that easily. you, come on. come here. they work for oscar. he just pay me to fly with them. so the girl in the picture is one o
in cleveland. this, as he gets ready to speak before a judge and face one of his victims in court. >>> big brother is watching. new information detailing the government's once-secret spying program and how closely the nsa can monitor you without a warrant. >>> game over for a-rod? the yankees slugger reportedly negotiating a settlement. how long he could be forced to sit out. >> long, long. >> long time. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm michael pereira. >>> up first today, it's sentencing day for ariel castro, the ohio man who kept three women imprisoned in his home for at least a decade. castro pleaded guilty last week to more than 090 counts including murder and kidnapping. it was a deal that spared him a possible death sentence and we're expected to hear from one of castro's victims. as new details emerge from this decade of horror. >> reporter: prosecutors failed a sentencing memorandum thursday detailing how he kidnapped amanda berry, gina dejesus and the abuse they endured. they kept a diary. castro also admitted to having the girls chaine
temperatures only 60 chicago and the city of cleveland. you will stay below average in the 70s new york city, cleveland, chicago. it is absolutely gorgeous out there. 103 for dallas 103 san antonio. continuing to be on the hot side. by wednesday 105 add in a little humidity it will feel even hotter than that. otherwise, more storms. a lot of weather to talk about. >> dangerous heat. >> bring in your pets, plants and check on the elderly. >> the july jobs report broadly disappointing especially for those full-time well paying jobs. here with more on that and other top business stories this morning. jolene kent fox business network. >>> the 122,000 jobs fell short of july fell against expectations. the jobs created was worse. a disproergs pat numbers were either pay point or low paying retarryls restaurants and bars supplied more than half of the job growth. economists are debating the up siem saying it's unclear if it is for bad and upon returning home from disappointed travel rates to shopping deals. now major banks are getting in on the action. u.s. bank is now offering veteran's checking a
spoke recently with civil rights leader cleveland sellers, who was there in 1963 and was active in the movement, and his son, south carolina state representative bakari sellers, who is now running for lieutenant governor in their >> cleveland sellers, bocari sellers, thanks for joining us. cleveland slers, who drew so much in your career as a civil rights activist, you were part of freedom summer and you marched on washington in 1963. so many turning points that happened during that time. what about the march was different for you? >> well, the march occurred in 1963 and at that point i was an 18-year-old sophomore at howard university. all of the activities of young people across the south, primarily, in their efforts to sit in and freedom rides and then you had the students in birmingham who faced the water hoses and the dogs. and later that summer, '63, you had the murder of medgar evers and we began to feel young people like we were beginnito-mt is, that we were experiencing a unique time in our lives where we wanted to say that we wanted our freedom and wanted it now. and s
's jay gray is in cleveland. jay, we knew that this was going to be an extraordinary day, that we would hear from perhaps one of these women. we ended up hearing from one and their families. it was incredible to watch from television. what were people saying there? >> reporter: tamron, riveting. while we knew it would be exceptional as you talk about and emotional, there was no way of knowing what would unfold in the courthouse here today. i think a lot of people who were in that courtroom who have been watching this closely still stunned by what unfolded. you know, just the emotion of michelle knight sharing a room for the first time since her escape with ariel castro and then as you talk about, his rambling statement. very self-serving at times. i think it's important that we remember that this was a man regardless of what he said today in a courtroom who has confessed to more than 900 counts including rape, aggravated murder, kidnapping. this is a man by his own words, by his own admission that will now spend the rest of his life behind bars. but to hear him speak and to see michelle
>>> making news in america this morning, new developments in the cleveland kidnapping case. as a suspect prepares for sentencing. today, we're learning more about what went on inside that house, including detailed diaries. >>> steroid scandal. baseball fans waiting for verdicts. the possible deal in the works between the league and alex rodriguez. >>> packing heat. george zimmerman is pulled over by police with a gun in the car. >>> and a baby elephant stars in what could be the cutest baby animal video ever. >>> good thursday morning, to you. today is a day of reckoning for former school bus driver, ariel castro. >> castro faces 900 counts for torturing 3 women for more than a decade. >> today, for the first time, we hear about some of the things that went on in that home. devin dwyer has all of the details. >> reporter: the new details are absolutely horrifying. in a 22-page report, prosecutors document what they call castro's disgusting and inhuman conduct. today, ariel castro will be sent away for life. the 53-year-old former school bus driver faces final justice for hi
. these are photos of the fire taken by fans attending the game by the cleveland indians. three cars were completely destroyed 1k3* barbecue coals that were smollerring and improperly flared causing a small fire that grew into the big one. let's head over to abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live lop deer 7hd. >> let's go ahead and look at live doppler 7hd and you can see we do have low clouds and also some high and midlevel clouds continuing to stream across the bay area. boy it was warm and muggy today. there is an area of low pressure just off the coast and they are continuing to throw the high clouds in our direction. we warmed up nicely, antioch 90 degrees. 74 the high for oakland and 69 san francisco and 89 for santa rosa. it looks like the chance of isolated thunderstorms could be here as soon as sunday night. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when you can hear a little of the thunder, carolyn. >> a fierce battle is underway all over the western united states gens dozens of wildfires. several are raging from alaska to arizona.
different view of your job than the job records would indicate. according to the cleveland metropolitan school district, your performance was not always acceptable. you left a child on the bus. you would go shopping at 143rd and leave your school bus at mark's. you ended up eventually leaving that job. you ended up, i think, on tv before about that job. right? >> your honor, that is not right. when i checked my bus, that's when i noticed the child was on there. >> you were disciplined for that. >> but that child never stayed alone. >> but were you disciplined for it. >> yes, i was. >> and ultimately your work as a school bus driver ended. correct. >> yes. but that happened also when -- it wasn't my regular route. i think -- [ inaudible ] >> again, keeping in mind the principles for incapacitation and deterrence. on behalf of the state with respect to your two counts of aggravated murder -- >> judge, we elect to have the sentence imposed on count 1 but as to count 2 be merges fe for purposes of sentencing. >> no objection? >> no objection. >> based upon the election by the state, count 2
by ariel castro in his torture chamber in cleveland, ohio. they were victimized but they're not victims. amanda, gina and michelle are survivors. calling them a monster's victim gives far too much credit to the monster. he needs to be forgotten, but there's plenty of time for that. he got a live sentence plus 1,000 years. that's what a judge gave him after hearing powerful testimony from michelle knight and a delusional account from mr. castro. it's rare to hear someone justify their crimes. today in court, on live television, we saw just that. >> all of the sex practically >> a lot of harmony going on in that home, that's what he said. we're going to look closer at whatever inside someone's mind makes them say something like that. but first, pamela brown with today's sentencing hearing. >> reporter: a resolute michelle knight confronted her former tormenter head-on for the first time since escaping captivity. >> reporter: when it was ariel castro's turn, he refused to take responsibility for what he did. but at one point he did attempt to apologize. >> reporter: castro also denied phys
of a young woman who was kidnapped in the cleveland but also the awful story of two missing children. one believed to be a 16-year-old girl. what is your reaction to the scenes in cleveland? >> you know, i just think it is a wonderful way of putting this all behind and starting to move forward. i think for the women it would probably always be a reminder of a very bad nightmare they lived in. so to demolish it, i think that's wonderful and to hear -- i mean for the whole neighborhood, i think it was a bad thing. it wasn't our fault and put it behind and move forward. i think that's a great way of dealing with it. i think having it turned in to a park or something else is a wonderful idea. >> given the awful experience that you have had to endure as a father and it ended obviously happily for you but disastrously for so many, given that it ended well and it has for these three victims in cleveland, what is the best advice you would give them and indeed their families around them for how they can make a proper recovery? >> well, you know, i think everyone's journey through that recovery is
-- frances cleveland. >> frances was the sort of jackie kennedy of her age. she was quite beautiful. >> about 10 years younger than mrs. kennedy was. >> she was 10 years younger than jackie was when she entered the white house. so she was very, very popular. of course there was this whole thing about this may-december romance that had taken place with the president. and much speculation before he actually married that maybe he was courting her mother. then there was the sort of bombshell that, no, he was courting the young and beautiful frances. >> she was a beautiful woman but she was not -- frances cleveland, franky as she was known in the press, was just -- to tell a story about how clever she was. you may have had it on this show. >> she had her due last week. >> the president of spain is the first real visitor of state. she was the same as age as mr. cleveland. there was a reception at the white house and a pretty, pretty woman had -- wore pearls clear to the floor and diamonds and all that stuff. ms. cleveland wore an off-white silk dress. it was a coup. she stole the show. >> benjamin
unfolded inside the cleveland courtroom today. the cleveland kidnapper ariel castro stood just feet away from one of his captives as he was sentenced to life in prison plus one thousand years. in a chilling scene, castro appeared to turn around and look directly at michelle knight, the first woman he abducted. but she didn't waver. after years of imprisonment, she would not be silenced. >> never got shorted, days turned into nights, nights turned into days. years turned into eternity. i knew nobody cared about me. he told me that my family didn't care. i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. i will overcome all this that happened, but you will face hell for eternity. from this moment on, i will not let you define me. >> i will let you define me. those were the words from a woman who was lured into skast stroh's house of horses in 2003. today prosecutors revealed new and horrifying details about how he abducted the three women. he lured ms. knight there by promising a puppy for her son. prosecutors showed how gruesome it was inside the torture chamber. here you can see
day. the man cleveland police held three women captive for years faces a judge while prosecutors release jaw-dropping details from the victims' diaries. >>> major league threats. some of the best known names in baseball could face extremely harsh punishments very soon. but the players and league's now say about the doping scandal. >>> sisters give birth on the same day in the same hospital. seeing double in the maternity ward. >>> country star randy travis and how suddenly things are looking up. that's coming up in "the skinny" on this thursday, august 1st. ♪ an 18-wheeler >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy august 1st. where did summer go? >> i'm already complaining about the fact that summer is gone. >> we have a month left. let's make the most of it. >> that means in one month it gets cold, and i'm already sad. >>> we begin this half hour with a countdown to judgment. we're talking about ariel castro. >> the 533-year-old former school bus driver faces a sentencing hearing in cleveland for imprisoning and torturing three women for nearly a decade. >> castro a
of the cleveland clinic, dr. tobey cosgrove. plus, where the american dream is moving? "fortune" magazine's leigh is really good.e with her new up next, look who's here. >> mike, do you know the of cou. >> sam stein's got it.uilds too. >> it really top stories in the politico playbook. first, ♪ from behind the walls of doubt ♪ >> i think bill is too young to know this movie. >> bill karins. >> let it play out. >> it picks up right here. >> hey, bill, can we just see the map moving and you not say nothing? >> i have no idea what channel i'm on this morning. good morning, everyone. thunderstorms continue to roll through the central plains. heading out this morning in kansas city or wichita that's where the worst of the weather continues to be. as far as the airports are going to go during the day, anyone doing traveling these are my airport weather concerns. kansas city this morning, st. louis this afternoon. you could deal with thunderstorms and travel delays if you're traveling from chicago, indianapolis, cleveland, pittsburgh, or boston this morning, minor delays. you'll be passing thunders
in cleveland blaming a sex addition his former wife and fbi for not investigating the abductions. he claimed women were never tortured. one victim, michelle knight said she spent 11 years intbt-r hell. >> you don't desthaempblt you deserve life in prison. >> people trying to paint me as a monster, i'm in the a monster, i'm sick. >> authorities believed photos of the prison he built in the home. he will serve out a life sentence and a thousand years. >> police searching for a man who grabbed a woman near campus of santa clara university. she was walking just west of campus. he told her not to make noise. the man spun around and kicked him in the groin and took off, running. a robber arrested today police say he fired a gun trying to hold up california check cashing store. police told neighbors to stay in homes after the search. police tracked him down and arrested him blocks away. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 how getting in tune with nature could help you get a good night's sleep a stern warning from america's cup after actor tom cruise took a spin on the bay. >> i'm sandhya patel.
they are trying to say i did. >> reporter: the horror began in this cleveland neighborhood more than 11 years ago. ariel castro lured the three young women into his car kidnapping them, while raping them for years. their parents held vigils, they searched, until a neighbor heard amanda screaming for help. this was amanda berry's frightening cry for freedom. >> help me i'm amanda berry. >> do you need a police or ambulance? >> i need both. >> okay, what is going on there? >> i have been kidnapped, and i have been missing for ten years, and i'm here, i'm free now. >> reporter: castro spoke to his captors, and the sex, according to castro was not rape. >> all of it was consensual. >> reporter: a claim that was dismissed by the judge. castro told the court, he, too, was a victim of sexual abuse. >> i'm not a violent predator, i'm not a monster, i'm a normal person, i'm sick, i have an addiction, just like an alcoholic has an addiction. >> reporter: also revealed today, photos of castro's house of horrors, showing his lab scheme to keep the girls hidden, pounds of heavy chains, plastic toilets that we
>>> it's friday morning. coming up on "early today," cleveland kidnapper ariel castro goes to prison for the rest of his life, but not before being confronted by one of his victims. >> what does god think of you hypocritically going to church every sunday, coming home to torture us? >>> why the state department is shutting down dozens of american embassies. >>> plus, russia takes edward snowden out of limbo. >>> what anthony weiner has to say about his sexting alias. >>> and robin thicke blurring the lines on late night. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, august 2nd. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. >>> we have some dramatic moments in an ohio courtroom to talk about. one woman came face to face with her kidnapper. here's nbc's jay gray with more. >> reporter: wiping away tears, michelle knight for the first time since her escape shared the same room with the man that held her captive and terrorized her for a decade. >> i will live on. you will die a little every day as you think about the 11 years and atrocities you inflicted on us. >> reporter: daily physic
much you could save. >>> we're back. yesterday in a courtroom in cleveland, ohio, we saw two extremes. on the one hand, a composed and brave young woman, michelle knight facing the monster who enslaved her for over a decade. on the other hand, we saw ariel castro ramble on for 16 minutes with excuses and half hearted apologize. even as he apologized he insisted what went on in his house of horrors was normal. >> i would come home and just be normal like a normal family. these accusations that i would come home and beat her and beat them, those are totally wrong, your honor because like i said before, i am not a violent person. i know what i did is wrong but i'm not a violent person. i simply kept them there without them being able to leave. i am truly i sorry to the dejesus family, michelle. and you guys know a lot of harmony went on in that home. >> i don't think those lawyers ge later told him, the prisoner there, there isn't another person in the entire country who would agree with his description of being nonviolent. but what was it like for michelle knight, the victim? and the fa
cell phones meant for the poor and needy? >> everybody in cleveland. nwell, it is not just cleveland. we exposed massive waste in that program. guess who is cleaning up on this. worldy richest man?
agresiÓn agravada. >>> casa donde permanecieron secuestradas tres mujeres en cleveland serÁ demolida, como parte de la sentencia de ariel castro por el secuestro y abusos sexales reiterados a tres mujeres. los familiares de castro con el permiso de la corte comenzaron a retirar la mayorÍa de sus pertenencias. >>> alcalde de san diego comenÓo terapia para ayudarlo a controlar los impulsos que lo llevaron acosar sexualmente por lo menos a diez mujeres, adelantÓ el inicio de la terapia que habÍa anunciado para el quince de agosto. >>> maÑana comienza el juicio del ex psiquiatra del ejÉrcito estadounidense acusado de asesinar a 13 personas en texas, se le acusa de herir a 32 personas. hassan naciÓ en virginia y de ser declarado culpable podrÍa ser declarado a la pena de muerte. >>> vecinos de indocumentado guatemalteco luchan por que se quede en el paÍs, dicen que fue deportado por culpa de un abogado sin vergÜenza y quieren evitar que una deportaciÓn lo aleje de su esposa y tres hijos. >>> no se puede mover de su casa, monitorean sus movimientos con un guillrillete electrÓnico pre
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